WordPress Social Network Plugin

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Add a social community to your website with one click, through your admin dashboard. It takes about a minute to have a profile page, forum, member activity and alerts. No need to add any more plugins, WP Symposium Pro already has everything you may need. Groups, videos, private messaging, the list goes on and on. And it’s compatible with all WordPress themes.

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Forums, profiles, activity, private messaging, groups – WP Symposium Pro adds every feature that you need to get new members registered, and returning to your site. Put simply, they will want to join your site, and return to it repeatedly.

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The Core plugin will make your site indispensable. Your members will want more – and you can give them that with the Extensions plugin.

The core plugin is 100% free – always. You take no risk, install it in minutes, and you have your own powerful social network.

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Give users a reason to join, and when they are members, give them a reason to return. It’s not rocket science. And in minutes this powerful way to grow your site can be yours.

Join this site to take a look at all the features. We use WP Symposium Pro ourselves, for our forums, to provide a support desk, to let members share videos, what they’re up to, message each other … the list goes on and on for what they can do. And they can do it on your site, right now!


With Great Support For You And Your Site!

We our proud of our support, here to help you when you need it.

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