WordPress Social Network Plugin

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WordPress Social Network Plugin

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WP Symposium Pro Feature List

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Core Plugin

  • Profile
  • Activity
  • Avatar
  • Friendships
  • Alerts
  • Forums


  • Customize Email alerts
  • Login/Redirect, add restrict access to WordPress dashboard
  • System Messages


  • Allow users to choose activity recipient(s)
  • Let users create activity share lists (requires above to be activated)
  • Add images to activity posts
  • Automatically show Soundcloud on activity
  • Automatically show YouTube videos when URL included
  • Automatically show website link previews
  • Allow users to like/dislike activity posts and replies
  • Let members keep track of favorite activity posts
  • Allow sharing of activity posts to Facebook


  • Add custom profile extensions
  • Allow members to personalise profile security
  • Display a directory of members
  • Set default friends when a user joins
  • Reward users with points for actions taken
  • Allow users to add image galleries
  • Convert user @tags (user logins) in activity/forums. User selector pop-up not compatible with forum
  • YSIWYG toolbar.
  • Reviews of users.

$29 Get It Now!


  • Allow image and document attachments
  • Set custom fields for new forum posts
  • Set custom fields for forum replies
  • Add a forum search
  • Fine tune access and permissions for forums
  • Let members add a personalised forum signature (via Edit Profile)
  • Email subscriptions for forum posts and replies
  • Send forum posts and replies to profile activity
  • Add a WYSIWYG toolbar to the forum editor
  • Automatically show YouTube videos when URL included
  • Allow users to like/dislike forum replies
  • Allow users to mark a forum reply as an answer


  • Allow members to create groups for group activity
  • Set default group membership for new users

Private Messages

  • Private messages between one or more recipients
  • Allow mail attachments
  • Automatically show YouTube videos when URL included
  • Setup email alerts for new mail and replies
  • Show unread mail count in menu (requires change to menu item, click on help icon!)

And More!

  • Display calendars on your site
  • Show blog posts, activity, mail, forum activity – amazingly powerful!

$29 Get It Now!