These are additional plugins that are separate to WP Symposium Pro. Some will alter the way WP Symposium Pro works, and some are totally independent to WP Symposium Pro, but will make your website awesome!

They are being developed RIGHT NOW – so if you have any ideas, please do get in contact with us and share them! 🙂

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WP Target Content

Display content on your site based totally on who the visitor/member is, where they came from, what they do, and more.

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  • If they are Logged In.
  • If they are Logged Out.
  • In they are in one (or more) WordPress roles.
  • Which is brilliant for WordPress membership sites and plugins!
  • And display their roles if you want to…
  • If they arrived from a particular website (URL).
  • Or if from a particular website with certain parameter(s) in the URL.
  • That’s great for Ads and referral links.
  • And Then Personalise Their Experience!
  • Include their display name, first name, family name or user login.
  • Or an optional guest greeting if not logged in.
  • Is it their first ever visit to your site?
  • Is it between a certain number of visits to site?
  • For example, up to 5th, 2nd to 10th, or 20th onwards.
  • Not visited for a certain number of days.
  • Has visited your site on a consecutive number of days.
  • For example, visited 10 days in a row.
  • Been a member of your website for a certain number of days.
  • For example, less than 5 days, 10-20 days, or more than 30 days.
  • Has purchased a particular WooCommerce product(s).
  • So you can thank them, and up-sell.
  • “Hey, you bought this, you’d love this as well!”

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Here’s some of the shortcodes in use:

Get your Copy Today for $29.99 

Hey Awesome Visitor!

For you, good looking, this is visit number – you came by .

Do you know how many consecutive days you’ve been coming here? , including today 😉

You are not logged in, so your WordPress role on this site is as a visitor.

Here’s your visit history to this site, up to last 5 times (empty if your first visit!):

I've checked, you are logged out.
Yep, definitely logged out.
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