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Simply download the Core Plugin. It will always be free, and includes user profiles, activity (wall), friends, unlimited forums, and email alert notifications.

You then have the option to purchase a licence for all the additional items listed below, added through the Extensions plugin.

Extensions Plugin

To get access to all of the following features, that extends WP Symposium Pro, select and purchase a licence, that includes new extensions and updates for life! Check out the Video Tutorials

Don’t forget you can download a free trial of the Extensions Plugin!


  • Activity Who to?: Select friends to share an activity post with
  • User Lists: Let users create their own lists of friends for activity posts
  • Attachments: Let users add images to their activity posts
  • Likes/Dislikes: Members can like and dislike (optionally) activity posts and comments
  • SoundCloud: Automatically show SoundCloud tracks
  • YouTube: Automatically show YouTube videos
  • Forum To Activity: Reports forum posts/replies on profile activity
  • Favorites: Let members keep track of favorite activity posts
  • Facebook Sharing: Allow sharing of activity posts to Facebook


  • Forum Search: Provides a search for your WPS Forums
  • Forum Attachments: Add an attachment to forum posts and replies
  • Forum Signatures: Text/image shown after a user’s forum activity
  • Forum Subscriptions: Email notifications for new posts/comments
  • Forum Roles Security: Control who can view/edit/etc by WordPress roles
  • Forum (YouTube): Automatically show YouTube videos
  • Forum To Activity: Reports forum posts/replies on profile activity
  • Forum Toolbar: Add toolbar icons for formatting
  • Forum Post Extensions: Add custom fields to forum posts


  • Groups: Add groups to WP Symposium!
  • Default Groups: Add new users to groups by default


  • Messages: Private messaging between two or more members
  • Mail Attachments: Add attachments to private mail
  • Mail Subscriptions: Email notification for new messages
  • Mail YouTube: Automatically display YouTube videos
  • Menu Alerts: Show the number of unread mail messages


  • Extended User Information: Add additional custom profile fields
  • Profile Security: Let user’s fine tune their privacy settings
  • Gallery: Let users upload photos and images
  • Rewards: Reward users with points and badges for participating
  • Default Friends: Add members as friends to new users
  • Member Directory: Browse the site members


  • Customise Email Alerts: Add style to your email alerts
  • Login / Redirect: Protect admin dashboard and embed login/registration forms
  • Show Posts: Show just about any user content on your social network!
  • Calendars: Display calendars on your site, access based on WordPress roles