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Your Licence Code

If you have purchased a licence for the WP Symposium Extensions plugin, your licence code will be displayed below.

If the code does not display and you have purchased the Extensions plugin, please email

Copy your licence code, and on your website, go to your admin dashboard, then WPS Pro->Licence and paste you licence code where it says.

Once logged in, if you have a valid licence, your licence code will be shown here.


Development Build

If you have purchased a licence for WP Symposium Pro Extensions Plugin, you can also download the latest development version of WP Symposium Pro (Core and Extensions). It will appear in your list of available downloads above.

This is the latest version that will include new features, which will be announced on the Development Blog (which is also posted on our Facebook page, Twitter account and mailing list).

You can download this ZIP file (from the link above) and extract into your plugins folder to use it. However please note the following:

  • The development build is only available to users who have purchased a licence.
  • It is used entirely at your own risk.
  • Whilst we appreciate feedback, we do not offer support.
  • You should ignore WordPress update notices until the live release is available. For example, if you have 16.06.d installed of the development version, do not update via WordPress until 16.06 is shown as the current available upgrade. The letter suffix denotes a development version. When the live version is 16.06, that’s the time to update.
  • You have to manually check for new development versions, and have to manually copy via FTP.
  • The development version includes the Core plugin and the Extensions plugin.
  • Release notes (via WPS Pro->Release Notes) are not updated until the live release, follow the Development blog for guidance.