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This is the ultimate social network plugin for WordPress. You can create your own social network, on your WordPress website.

With profiles, activity (wall), unlimited forums, friends, email alerts and so much more, it’s perfect for clubs, schools, interest groups, engaging with customers, support sites, gaming sites, dating sites, limited only by your imagination!

Just add the plugin, click a button and you have your own social network, simple as that. 🙂

Incredibly compatible with other Themes and Plugins!


Massively customizable!

Want to change something, the layout, text, button labels? WP Symposium Pro’s real power lies behind shortcodes with options galore, that allow you to change just about everything, and design your social network pages the way you want them!

Multi-lingual site?

No problem! Easily change all the text your users will see through options. Using WPML? Works happily with that plugin too!

And there’s even more…!

Extra extensions are available that add features galore! Private messages, groups, forum subscriptions, choose who to share activity with, image and YouTube attachments, galleries, profile security and many (many) more!

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