8 12, 2018

Robert is in Hospital

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The Special for Christmas is running thru December 15, 2018. This is Robert's wife; Di. Robert was admitted to hospital on Dec. 4th. He is still in the hospital without a computer or phone at this time. He has been undergoing Chemo. The latest test showed a mass. It is thought to be Cancer. This is NOT CERTAIN until a Biopsy is done. Drs. hope to be able to do the Biopsy as soon as [...]

10 09, 2018

Get your Copy Of WPS PRO Lifetime License Today

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Get your Copy Of WPS PRO Lifetime License Today Get Your Own Supercharged Social Community… With The #1 WordPress Social Network Plugin! Boost Your Website With Steroids – your members will love it! Great Forums with Security, Images, Video and more! Profiles With Activity – Friends, Groups, YouTube… Subscriptions, Facebook Connect – an endless list! A WordPress Social Network Plugin - Works With Every Theme Real Support People Who Answer! Powered [...]